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Paper and Bindery

Learn more about the paper and bindery options available to you.

Paper Options

Paper Weight

Paper weight can be measured in a variety of ways, including pounds, points, grams per square meter (GSM), cover, and text. Text weight is typically used for the typical light printer paper, while cover weight is used for thicker and sturdier paper.


In our online shop, the weights of each paper option will differ based on each product. Our Standard Paper option is lightest, Premium is heavier, and Premium Plus is the heaviest.

Paper Finishes

All weights of paper can have a matte or glossy finish. Below are details on the finishing options you’ll see in our shop:

red matte wordpress



A matte finish provides a classic shine-free look. Matte is ideal for projects with lots of text, as there is no glare. It also can be written on with any utensil, perfect for adding your own hand-written message.

red bright gloss wordpress



A gloss finish provides a shiny, protective coating. Gloss is great for projects with high-quality images.Gloss is not intended to be written on, as ink can smudge on gloss paper.

Bindery Options

Our state-of-the-art binding technology ensures folds or staples are crisp, precise, and your printed materials don’t crack. Below are details for the binding techniques you’ll find on our online shop:

Brochure binding

AGI-eCommerce-Website Images-Thumbnails-Brochure-1000px


Page is folded twice, creating a front cover, back cover, and three inside panels. Best for lots of content that can be broken down into different pages. 




Similar to Bi-Fold, folded twice, but panels are folded like an accordion. Designed to be unfolded into a full page. Best for content that spans the full page.




Page is folded down the middle, creating a front cover, back cover, and two inside panels, like a folded card. Best for less content.

Saddle stitching

AGI-eCommerce-Website Images-Thumbnails-Booklet-1000px

Saddle stitching:

We use this common binding method for your booklets when you print them through our online shop. The pages will be printed so they fold down the middle to create a spine, like a folded card. Then, we staple along that fold.

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