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Starting at 50 bookmarks for $31.99.


Useful and creative, bookmarks reach an engaged audience.


Keep your business top-of-mind while customers are engaged in a good book.


Be sure to include your business’s contact information!

Starting Prices by Quantity

So no one loses their place – readers, and your brand.

For your customers who love to read, custom bookmarks are the perfect companion to a good book. With bookmarks, you provide a simple, but genuinely useful service and reach customers when they’re most engaged. They’ll associate your brand with an activity they love and use with the bookmark time and time again, making it a long-lasting choice.

How are bookmarks used in marketing?

Bookmarks are a simple yet useful way to promote your business. Bookmarks are likely to be kept longer than some other marketing materials, as they’re used over and over again. This will help ensure your business is top-of-mind when the target audience is ready to make a purchase.

What should be included on my bookmarks?

Get creative with your bookmarks’ copy, but be sure to include the following:


  • Contact information and/or website URL and QR code
  • Logo

Due to a bookmark’s small size, be concise with copy. And, remember, all marketing materials should reflect your unique branding.

How should I distribute my bookmarks?

Given their size, bookmarks can easily be tucked into other marketing materials or included as a freebie with purchases. You can also supply them in lobbies where customers are likely to be waiting with a book or on your business’ front desk, so they can grab one on their way out.


Another creative way to distribute bookmarks is to partner with your local bookstore, coffee shop, or library so they can provide them to their clientele.

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