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Cards convey your most thoughtful sentiments. Invite prospects to a special event, extend warm holiday wishes, thank customers for a purchase, and celebrate milestones with cards.

Why should I print cards for my business?

In a digital world, cards provide a personal touch which reinforces relationships with customers, partners, and employees. Tangible materials like cards work in an integrated marketing strategy to reinforce brand recognition.

What type of card should I use?
  • Business Cards: Business cards are a wallet-sized flat card used to share your contact information.
  • Flat Cards: Flat cards are larger than regular sized note cards. They are one page, rather than folded. Flat cards are great for simple holiday or birthday greetings, thank-you’s, or welcome cards.
  • Folded Cards: Folded cards are ideal for holiday cards or to celebrate a milestone or birthday when you want to include a longer message. They provide ample space to share a personalized message or special deal.
  • Invitations: Invitations will look the same as flat cards in their orientation, paper, and finishing options, but are specifically used to invite guests to your event
  • Note Cards: Note cards are a smaller flat card option. They’re great for your simplest messages. Include note cards with a gift or product package to thank your customers, share a coupon, or scrawl a handwritten note.
Who should I send my cards to?

Show new customers you value their business by sending them a welcome card. Similarly, consider sending recent buyers a thank you card. Current customers will appreciate a birthday card with a special discount. More general cards like holiday cards can be sent to current, past, and prospective customers. Any partners, stakeholders, and employees may also be included in this larger contact list.

How do I create cards that are effective and engaging?

Your cards should reflect your brand both in the design and in their quality. Quality cards will stand out among the competition. The goal of cards is to create a more personal relationship, so think about your brand voice and how it can be reflected in your message. Finally, personalize the cards or include a handwritten note to your most valued customers to strengthen your connection.

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