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When you’re not in the room, let your marketing speak for you. On desks, in pockets, on windows, at trade shows.

Which marketing materials do I need?

The marketing materials you need will depend on your business, industry, audience, and any upcoming events. Brochures, flyers, and rack cards are standard for use in-store, at trade shows, or at networking events. Booklets are great for sharing more detailed information, and bookmarks are unique and useful to promote your business.

What marketing materials should I bring to a trade show?

Brochures, flyers, and rack cards are all great materials to use at a trade show, as they are portable and easy for prospective customers to take with them. Booklets can also be useful, especially when used as a guide to walk prospects through business or product details. Bookmarks make a good addition to giveaway bags.

How do I create marketing materials that are effective and engaging?

Effective and engaging marketing materials rely on high-quality content. View your materials through a customer’s point-of-view to ensure your content addresses their problems and questions. Your content should not just tell about the features of your product or service, but communicate how these will benefit your target audience through text and visuals.

How do I measure the success of my marketing materials?

Define the goals and objectives for each of your marketing materials. Is your goal to raise awareness, drive sales, or generate leads? Some goals like awareness may be more difficult to measure than others, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t effective. Include QR codes, special discounts, or specific landing pages in your printed marketing materials to help you track their success.

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