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A printed resume speaks volumes before words are even read.

Hiring managers are often sifting through hundreds of applications. A high-quality printed resume may be just what you need to distinguish your application from the rest. It conveys a sense of professionalism and attention to detail that employers truly value. While a person can’t be entirely summed up on a page, a well-organized resume makes for a powerful introduction.

What should be included on my resume?

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The information included on a resume may vary depending on the job you’re applying for and your work experience, but most resumes contain the following sections:

  • Contact information: Name, email address, phone number, mailing address
  • Summary: Brief paragraph summarizing your skills and experience
  • Work experience: Lists previous jobs, including the dates you worked there, your job title, responsibilities, and accomplishments
  • Education: Your educational background, including the schools you attended, degrees you earned, and optionally, your GPA
  • Skills: Lists hard skills (ex. proficiency in software programs) and, optionally, soft skills (ex. communication, teamwork)
  • Awards and honors: Lists awards and honors you received at school, in the community, or at work

Resumes may also contain relevant volunteer work or references and their contact information.

How do I write a resume?

Be clear and concise in your resume, avoiding long descriptions. You want your resume to be one page, or two at the most. List the keywords you see often in the descriptions of jobs you’re applying for and include those on your resume. Also, be sure to quantify your accomplishments whenever possible. Proofread your resume carefully before printing or submitting it in order to leave an impression of attention to detail.

Why should I print resumes?

Most job applications are now accepted online, which means they’re receiving more resumes than ever before. Providing a printed resume ensures that it is being read by a human rather than an online tracking system. Most importantly, it sets you apart from the other applicants, showing you’re willing to go the extra mile. A tangible resume is likely to be remembered when the employer is considering candidates.

How can I set my resume apart?

Printing and mailing or delivering your resume is a great way to set your resume apart from others, as many applicants will only submit online applications.

What kind of paper should I use for my resume?

This depends on the jobs you are applying for and your budget. Premium Gloss will include a shiny protective coating on thicker paper for sharp text and vibrant color, while Standard Matte will provide a classic look with a smooth, shine-free finish on lighter paper.

How should I design my resume?

Browse examples of other resumes to find a design you like. Typically, resumes should use a professional font like Times New Roman or Arial, but if the position is more creative, consider a unique layout or more modern font. The content of your resume is what is most important, so ensure everything is easy to read.

Where can I get help with my resume?

Browse resume templates to find one that works best for your position and vision. Before printing or submitting your resume, ask for feedback from a friend, family member, or career counselor. This can help you identify areas that need improvement.

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