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The well-earned applause in ink, celebrating recognition beyond the nod.

Certificates are a great way to show employees or students that their accomplishments are valued. They can be tailored to honor any milestone or award, and they can be designed specific to your company, a product, or an industry as a whole. A certificate of completion shows that someone passed a course, while a professional certificate signifies they are officially certified in their field. One day, that certificate may end up on the wall of a coveted corner office.

What information should I include on my certificates?

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The information you should include on a certificate will vary depending on the type of certificate and its purpose. However, some information certificates typically contain are:

  • Certificate recipient
  • Organization issuing the certificate
  • Date the certificate was issued
  • Program or course that the certificate is for
  • Specific skills or knowledge that the certificate verifies
  • Signature of an authorized representative of the organization issuing the certificate

When determining what information to include, consider the purpose of the certificate and who will be viewing it. Make sure to keep your wording concise.

Why should I print certificates?

Physical certificates add a sense of formality necessary when recognizing an achievement. Having a certificate in physical form allows the recipient to display it at their workspace to express pride for a job well done. A physical certificate often verifies qualifications or skills to build trust with customers. Physical certificates make great gifts or awards at company events or conferences.

What are the different types of certificates?

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Below are some common types of certificates and details on when they are issued:

  • Completion certificates: Individuals have completed a training program or course of study
  • Award certificates: Individuals have won an award or prize
  • Achievement certificates: Individuals have achieved a certain level of proficiency in a skills
  • Membership certificates: Individuals have joined a professional organization or association

What kind of paper should I use for my certificates?

Certificates are typically matte and should be printed on high-quality paper. Both our Standard Matte and Premium Matte are quality options. Standard Matte paper is a great lighter option, while Premium Matte is thicker. We recommend using our Standard Matte for membership or more common achievements or if you are on a budget, while Premium Matte can be used for special awards or more formal recognition.

How should I design my certificates?

Keep information simple and concise. The certificate should be easy to read and understand. Avoid using too much text, too many colors, or fonts that are too small or hard to read.


Fonts can depend on the use of the certificate, but make sure you are remaining consistent. Formal certificates often use a traditional serif font, while an award certificate for an artistic contest, for example, may use a more playful font.


It’s important to print certificates professionally to ensure colors are printed accurately, and that the paper is high-quality. After all, these should convey pride and significance for the recipient.

membership or more common achievements or if you are on a budget, while Premium Matte can be used for special awards or more formal recognition.

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