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Rack Cards

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Get your message out to customers quickly with simple, narrow rack cards.


Rack cards are designed to fit into display holders or on counters, popularly used at trade shows, in lobbies, or on checkout counters.

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Grab-and-go info in one sleek piece.

Rack cards reach foot traffic and share information in a simple, compact way. Ideal for putting away in a pocket or purse to read later, rack cards should be succinct and include a clear call-to-action, enticing prospects to reach out or customers to return for more.

What are rack cards?

Rack cards are simple, narrow marketing pieces designed to fit into display holders or on counters. They’re commonly used at trade shows, in lobbies, or at checkout counters due to their compact size. Rack cards are similar in size to brochures, but are flat and two-sided rather than folded.

What should I include on my rack cards?

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Overall, the copy on your rack cards should be concise and highlight one core message. Here are the key elements to consider including on your rack card:


  • Eye-catching visuals: High-quality images or graphics to grab the reader’s attention
  • Headline: Concise and punchy
  • Benefits and key information: Spotlight key benefits or differentiating factors
  • Call to action: Tell readers what you want them to do next
  • Contact information/Website: Make it easy for readers to reach you or learn more

You can also include a map with directions, QR codes to a landing page or social media profiles, or a special offer or discount.

How should I distribute my rack cards?

High traffic areas like tourism centers and hotels often contain racks filled with these cards. However, they can also be used independently at trade shows, events, or tucked into other marketing materials. Because they’re so compact, they can easily be placed on counters or in lobbies, as well.


Consult with businesses that have similar target audiences to find out how you can partner with them – they may be willing to display your rack cards in their store.

What are the benefits of using rack cards?

Rack cards are a great way to reach foot traffic in highly frequented areas, meaning your materials may be seen by a large and diverse audience. Rack cards are also incredibly versatile due to their compact size.

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