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Flat Cards

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Whatever the occasion, a custom card creates genuine human connection in today’s fast-paced digital world.


Invite prospects to a special event, extend warm holiday wishes, thank customers for a purchase, and celebrate their milestones – all with a well-designed card.

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Conveying your most thoughtful sentiments.

Good friends remember the dates that matter. They reach out when things are going well – holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, achievements – and when things could be better, they send sympathy and “get well soon” wishes. Businesses can do the same to show they truly care for their employees, partners, and customers.

Valentine's Day Cards Best Practices

Valentine’s Day provides a unique opportunity for businesses to forge personal connections with customers, elevate brand loyalty, and drive sales through thoughtfully crafted cards. In a digital era, printed communications stand out, offering unexpected charm. Below are essential tips for businesses and marketers to design impactful Valentine’s Day cards:


  • Understanding your audience’s tastes is key, allowing you to tailor the card effectively.
  • Maintain brand consistency by incorporating your colors and logos.
  • Personalize messages to enhance the connection.
  • Embrace creativity with playful designs, symbols, and copy.
  • Capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day with a warm message or even a special offer.
  • Investing in high-quality printing enhances the overall appeal.
  • Consider eco-friendly options to align with environmental values.
  • Use A/B testing to learn which messages or offers resonate best with your audience.


This Valentine’s Day, stand out by delivering a unique and thoughtful experience to valued customers.

Get Inspired: Explore Real Flat Card Examples!

How do standard flat cards differ from note cards or folded cards?

Flat cards are larger than note cards and are one page, rather than folded.

How do I use flat cards?

Flat cards can thank customers for a purchase or for attending an event, extend holiday wishes, celebrate milestones, or promote an upcoming sale.

What should I include on my flat cards?

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The contents of your flat card will depend on the message you’re communicating, but it should likely contain the following:


  • Your name and/or company name
  • Logo
  • A message, like “Thank you for your purchase” or “Welcome to the neighborhood”
  • Contact information

How should I design my flat cards?

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Flat cards usually include a short message or headline on the front with more details or information on the back of the card. Keep the front short and simple with a line or phrase that summarizes your sentiments. The back can include additional messaging, a special offer, and contact information.


Remember, although you may change the design based on the theme of the card, your branding should always be recognizable.

What are the benefits of using flat cards?

Flat cards help you deliver your message quickly and achieve meaningful connections with customers, partners, and potential new clients by allowing you to personalize your message and reach them at important moments.

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