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Starting at 25 announcements for $43.99


Printed announcements give important messages the spotlight they deserve. Share your news in a tangible, memorable way.


Starting at 25 pcs for $43.99

Add elegance and importance to announcements when you put them in print.

Whether you’re relocating your office, celebrating a grand opening, announcing a corporate event, or launching a new product, printed announcements draw attention to your business’s big moments. The traditional printed announcement gives a nod to the announcement’s importance and makes it more memorable. Clicking “open” on an email or scrolling past a post on social media just doesn’t compare to receiving personal mail with a special announcement.

What are announcements used for?

Businesses use printed announcements to communicate significant updates and events to their stakeholders. They can be used for notifying about office relocations, grand openings, product launches, or special corporate events. Printed announcements help to convey the importance of the message, ensuring it receives the attention it deserves from clients, partners, and employees.

What should I include in my announcements?

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In your announcements, include the following essential details:


  1. Purpose: Clearly state the reason for the announcement, whether it’s a grand opening, product launch, or other significant event.
    2. Date and Time: If applicable, specify when the event or launch will occur.
    3. Location: Provide the address or location details, especially if you’re inviting recipients to a physical venue.
    4. Company Logo and Branding: To reinforce brand identity and ensure consistency across all communications.
    5. Contact Information: Include necessary contact details for RSVPs or further inquiries.
    6. Call to Action: Encourage the recipient to engage with your announcement, whether it’s visiting a website, attending an event, or following up for more information.

Make sure the layout is professional and reflects your company’s branding for maximum impact.

How should I design my announcements?

If you use images on your announcements, make sure they are high quality. Also ensure your fonts are easily readable and that you aren’t including too much information. The main message of your announcement should stand out. Finally, remember that white space gives the message room to breathe and adds professionalism to the design.

When should I send my announcements?

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The ideal time to send your announcements will depend on the information you are sharing and if your announcement involves an accompanying event. As a general guideline:


    • Events: Send announcements at least 3-6 weeks in advance. For significant events like grand openings or major launches, consider sending a save-the-date even earlier, and a follow-up reminder closer to the date.
    • Product Launches: Announce a few weeks to a month in advance to build anticipation and allow the media and customers to plan accordingly.
    • Relocations or New Openings: Send these announcements 1-2 months in advance so clients and suppliers can update their records and adjust plans.

Adjust these timelines based on your audience’s needs and the scale of the event or announcement to ensure maximum attendance and/or engagement.

What kind of paper should I use for my announcements?

This will depend on your budget and the theme, formality, and purpose of the announcement. Premium Matte offers a more classic natural look, while Premium Gloss is sleek, shiny, and a great choice if there are high-quality photos on your announcement. Our Premium Plus Gloss option is similar to Premium Gloss, but on even thicker paper. This is a great choice for more formal announcements.

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