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Printed announcements give those big moments the spotlight they deserve.

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Milestones become lasting memories when you put them in print.

If you are moving, celebrating a grand opening, sending a save-the-date, or introducing a new addition to your family, announcements give your special moment the spotlight it deserves. The traditional printed announcement gives a nod to the announcement’s importance and enhances the experience. Clicking “open” on an email or scrolling past a post on social media just doesn’t compare to receiving personal mail with a special announcement.

What are announcements used for?

When you have exciting news, printed announcements spotlight these key moments. If you are moving, graduating, celebrating a grand opening, sending a save-the-date, or introducing a new addition to your family, an announcement is a great way to share the news. Plus, the announcement can serve as a special keepsake for the receivers to remember these important moments.

What should I include in my announcements?

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When writing your announcements, consider if you were the audience and list any questions you may have. That can help guide the most relevant information to include. If there are any steps you’d like your recipients to take, like, “Check out our website for more information,” be sure to include that, too. If there is room on your announcement design, you can include a poem, quote, or personal message but be sure the important information is clear and easy to find.

How should I design my announcements?

If you use images on your announcements, make sure they are high quality. Also ensure your fonts are easily readable and that you aren’t including too much information. The main message of your announcement should stand out. Finally, remember that white space gives the message room to breathe and adds professionalism to the design.

When should I send my announcements?

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The ideal time to send your announcements will depend on the information you are sharing and if your announcement involves an accompanying event or any other request of the recipients. Below are some general guidelines for when to send announcements:


    • Wedding announcements or save-the-dates: Wedding announcements should be sent out about 4-6 months before the wedding date. This will allow guests to plan ahead and ensure their availability. The save-the-date should include the date and city of the wedding. The invitation you send later will contain the key information like times and exact locations.
    • Baby announcements: Baby announcements can be sent any time after the baby is born. However, they are commonly sent out within 2-3 weeks of birth. 
    • Graduation announcements: Graduation announcements should be sent around 2-4 weeks before the graduation ceremony. This way, guests have enough time to make travel arrangements and/or send a gift.
    • Moving announcements: Moving announcements are usually sent 2-4 weeks before your move. That way, recipients can make arrangements to say farewell ahead of your move.
    • Business announcements: Business announcements can be sent at the beginning of the year or before a major event, like a company anniversary or new product launch.

What kind of paper should I use for my announcements?

This will depend on your budget and the theme, formality, and purpose of the announcement. Premium Matte offers a more classic natural look, while Premium Gloss is sleek, shiny, and a great choice if there are high-quality photos on your announcement. Our Premium Plus Gloss option is similar to Premium Gloss, but on even thicker paper. This is a great choice for more formal announcements.

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