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Folded Cards

Folded Cards

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Expansive and elegant, folded cards provide ample room for your message and creative designs, adding an element of surprise.

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Transaction becomes connection on a two-page canvas.

Folded cards leave ample space for your branded message with their four panels to express your message. Their very design builds anticipation. Traditionally used for more personal messages, folded cards are a great way to build a connection and grow a business relationship. Reach your clients and prospects to congratulate them on a milestone, thank them for a purchase, or just check in (in an extra-special way).

How do I use folded cards?

Folded cards can communicate a variety of messages. Below are some common uses for folded cards in a business setting:


  1. Event Invitations: Ideal for inviting clients, partners, or employees to corporate events, conferences, or celebrations.
  2. Holiday Greetings: Send personalized holiday or seasonal greetings to maintain rapport and strengthen relationships with stakeholders.
  3. Thank You Notes: Show appreciation to clients or partners for their business or collaboration.
  4. Product Information: Provide detailed information about new products or services in a compact, engaging format.
  5. Menus or Programs: Use them at events to outline the agenda or menu in a sleek and accessible way.

The fold in these cards allows for a natural reveal of information, which can make your message more impactful.

How should I design my folded cards?

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The front of your card should contain a short message or headline summarizing your sentiments. Since this is the first thing a recipient will see, it’s important the front is visually appealing and entices them to open the card.


The inside of your card should contain your message details or even a special offer. The panel on the right side of a landscape card or the bottom of the portrait card must contain a message, while the left or top panel can simply contain design elements if your message is short. Finally, the back panel of the card is a great place to print your company’s logo and website.

What are the benefits of using folded cards?

With their four panels, folded cards offer additional space to showcase your brand and message. Their folded interactive nature adds an element of surprise as the card is opened. 

Beyond their layout, folded cards are traditionally used in interpersonal relationships so they offer a more personal touch and show dedication to the business relationship.

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