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Folded Menus

Folded Menus

Starting at 25 folded menus for $35.99.


Folded menus are able to fit lots of options and visuals. They allow you to detail your dishes, ensuring every culinary creation receives the attention it deserves.


Folded menus can be used in sleeves or reusable on their own when you choose the Premium Gloss or Premium Plus Gloss paper.

Starting Prices by Quantity

Let your menu reflect all the delicious details.

Folded menus are versatile. They can be printed on lighter paper to present take-out options or on heavier durable paper for day-to-day use at the restaurant. The folded aspect allows you to divide your dishes into well-defined sections, present lots of options and detailed descriptions, and even include visuals to give your customers a taste of the deliciousness that awaits them.

How should I organize my menu?

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Organize your menu items by food category (e.g., seafood, pasta) or by course. Next, consider which dishes you’d like to emphasize. Customers often focus on the center of the menu initially, making it an ideal spot to showcase your most popular dishes. If your restaurant features signature dishes that set you apart, use special symbols, distinct fonts, or highlighted text to draw attention to them. Additionally, ensure that your dish descriptions are clear and concise to help customers easily distinguish between the various options.

Should I use a flat or folded menu?

Choosing between flat and folded menus should be based on your ordering system and menu content. Flat menus are convenient for servers to grab quickly, and they simplify the decision-making process because all options are on a single page. On the other hand, folded menus are ideal for takeout or dropping in neighbors’ mailboxes. Their multiple panels let you categorize and distinguish menu sections effectively.

Can I use flat menus on their own or should they go in a sleeve?

Our sturdier paper choices, Premium Gloss and Premium Plus Gloss, are resilient and can be reused without the need for a sleeve. However, they are not designed to withstand being wiped down. The lighter-weight Standard Matte option is well-suited for use with a sleeve or on its own for one-time uses when distributed in mailboxes or used for to-go orders.

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