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Note Cards

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Note cards are a staple business communication tool to show professionalism with a personal touch.

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A versatile must-have tool in business communications.

Whether you’re sending client appreciation cards, leaving a note for a colleague, or attaching a personalized message to a corporate gift, note cards add a personal touch. Design cards with tailored copy and graphics for widespread distribution, or create branded, blank note cards with space for handwritten messages. Having cards on hand will leave you prepared for every professional occasion.

How do note cards differ from folded cards or standard flat cards?

Note cards are one page rather than folded and they are smaller than a standard flat card. 

How do I use note cards?

Note cards are incredibly versatile and are used to share concise information. They can be attached to a gift, scrawled on with a quick note of appreciation, or contain a special offer.

What are the benefits of using note cards?

Note cards offer a more personal touch than digital methods of communication. 

What should I include on my note cards?

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Note cards have a variety of uses, so their information varies, but usually contain the following:


  • Your name and/or company name
  • Logo
  • A short message, like “Thank You” or “A Gift For You”

How should I design my note cards?

Note cards often have a short message on one side with room for another message, either printed or hand-written, on the other side. Or you can simply put your logo on one side of the paper or leave it blank, with text printed on the other side.

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