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Starting at 25 booklets for $31.99.


Tell a story or communicate important information in a thin book. Booklets are perfect for sharing product-specific information with potential or current clients.


Our binding is saddle stitch (stapled), a best practice for booklets. Booklets range from 4-32 pages.

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Dive into the details and spark inspiration.

Whether you’re designing a custom catalog, manual, real estate booklet, or annual report, booklets allow you to share information and visuals without space constraints. Your current customers can view a booklet to learn about their newly purchased product, and prospective customers can decide which service would suit them best.

There’s no end to the visual details like images, charts, graphs, and product examples to feature in a vibrant full-color booklet.

What are booklets used for?

Booklets are small, thin books. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including reports, manuals, catalogs, collections, programs, or to share product and industry information. Because they provide ample room for text and visuals, booklets are a great choice when you have lots of information to share.

How should I design my booklets?

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Your booklet’s design will depend on factors like its purpose, overall tone, and target audience. No matter its use, maintain a consistent design throughout your booklet for a professional, polished look. Use typography to create hierarchy and emphasis.


If you are sharing a report or lots of information, consider a variety of graphics, illustrations, and photos to break up the text. White space is also a valuable tool to improve readability. Finally, consider using a grid layout when designing your booklet to keep elements balanced.

How do I create a booklet?

Start with outlining the information you want to include in your booklet. Then, write or compile the text, images, graphics, and illustrations necessary for your booklet. Use a design program to lay out the booklet’s design, including the front and back covers. Finally, choose your desired size, paper, etc., and print your booklet.

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