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Flat Menus

Flat Menus

Starting at 25 flat menus for $31.99.


Simple and efficient, flat menus are perfect for bustling environments. They provide a sleek, focused look at all your offerings on one page.


Flat menus can be used in sleeves or reusable on their own when you choose the Premium Gloss or Premium Plus Gloss paper.

Starting Prices by Quantity

Easy readability lets their appetite do the talking.

With everything on a single page, deciding on a meal becomes easier, helping customers order quickly. Not only are they efficient in their readability, flat menus also work well online when uploaded to your website. A simple menu allows for cravings to come center stage.

How should I organize my menu?

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Group your dishes together by the type of food (ex. seafood, pasta) or by the course. Then, think about which dishes you want to draw attention to. Customers tend to look at the center of the menu first, so that is a great place to highlight the best or most popular dishes. If there are signature dishes special to your restaurant, spotlight these with a symbol, different font, or highlighted text. Clear, concise descriptions will help customers differentiate one dish from the next.

Should I use flat or folded menus?

This will depend on your ordering system and the content of the menu. Flat menus are easy for servers to quickly grab, and they make choosing a dish easy when all of the selections are on one page. Folded menus are great options to hand out for to-go orders or to drop in mailboxes when you choose the smaller sizing. The multiple panels allow you to categorize and differentiate sections of your menu more easily.

Can I use flat menus on their own or should they go in a sleeve?

Our heavier paper options like Premium Gloss and Premium Plus Gloss are durable enough to be re-used without a sleeve, but they do not withstand being wiped down.

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